At Como Diagnostic we believe that good nutrition is the foundation of good health, wellbeing and the prevention of cellular inflammation, which can lead to chronic disease such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

We’ve been saying it for 27 years – now the message is gaining traction in the wider community.

However, we also know that good nutrition may not be all that’s required for good health when other factors such as age, pre-existing medical conditions and a busy lifestyle are taken into account.

As an integrative medicine practice we know that nutritional and other complementary medicines can improve health outcomes when introduced as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

Our practitioners prescribe complementary medicines that can only be prescribed by a registered health practitioner and aren’t available as over-the-counter preparations.

Chief among the complementary medicines we may prescribe as part of your management is Metagenics – the practitioner only division of Health World Limited.

Here’s why: 



Metagenics supports research in the fields of complementary medicine and nutrition and has sponsored numerous research projects in this field across Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the USA.

In Australia alone Metagenics maintains a full-time research and development team of 30 personnel who work jointly with their US counterparts.


Cutting-edge plant and technology

At its multimillion dollar Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved facility in Brisbane, Metagenics has invested in cutting-edge manufacturing technology, equipment and quality assurance protocols that ensure a safe and high quality range of nutritional and complementary medicine supplements.     


Quality Control

Raw materials used in Metagenics products are thoroughly tested and audited when they arrive at the TGA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliant facility in Brisbane.

Selection of ingredients is based on stringent testing for levels of toxicity, heavy metals and pesticides.

Quality control checks use technology such as high performance thin layer chromatography, atomic absorption, gas chromatography, and high and ultra performance liquid chromatography.

It’s this testing and commitment to quality assurance from raw materials through to finished product that have made Metagenics a highly respected brand among Australia’s leading healthcare professionals. 


Quality in action – Metagenics’ Fish Oil and Probiotic ranges

Here’s a brief overview of Metagenics’ Fish Oil and Probiotic ranges to highlight this quality in action…


Fish Oil

It’s now well established that Omega-3 fatty acids are important in protecting against cardiovascular disease, maintaining cell metabolism and brain function.

They’re mainly derived from fatty fish which are a much more potent source of Omega-3s than those from plant sources.

There’s a number of factors to consider when choosing which Omega-3 fish oil to use as part of your regimen, including:

  • Heavy metal contaminants: check to see if the oil has less environmental and heavy metal contaminants than the Australian TGA safe standards
  • Manufacturing process: check to see if the formula is protected from oxidation and has low Ansidine and Peroxide values
  • Sustainable fishing: does the oil manufacturer adhere to sustainable fishing practices when sourcing its fish?
  • Omega-3 constituents: check for different combinations of Omega-3 constituents EPA:DHA as these can have different clinical effects

In our practitioners’ decades of experience, Metagenics’ range of fish oils meet these key product criteria for Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation. 



Gut health, gut bacteria and the modulating effect they have on keeping the intestinal lining in check have been hot topics in healthcare and the media recently.

There’s a rapidly growing body of evidence based research that demonstrates the efficacy of probiotic supplementation in maintaining gut health, keeping the intestinal lining in check and the treatment and prevention of some health conditions (stay tuned for more on this in our next article).

As with Omega-3 fish oil, there are a range of factors to consider when choosing your probiotic supplementation. Always check:

  • Strains of probiotics: ideally, your supplement should contain the acidophilus, B. lactis and L. rhamnosus strains
  • Specific dosage of each probiotic
  • Excipient (inactive medium) used in delivery of probiotic

The Metagenics Probiotic range delivers the relevant bacterial loads proven to have a therapeutic effect in human clinical trials. Probiotic flora are delivered in a dry medium and freeze dried, and are activated only on consumption (must be kept in accordance with storage instructions).


Complementary medicines and you

Ultimately, nutritional and complementary medicines and supplements are an individual matter and should be tailored as such.

If you have any questions, comments or would like further information about Metagenics, complementary medicines or supplementation, please contact us for a discussion about your health.



This blog is general in nature only and should not be relied upon as medical advice. Therefore, you should contact your own medical practitioner or qualified health practitioner before commencing complementary medicines and/or supplementation.