Lifestyle and Anti-Ageing


5 Lifestyle changes that slow ageing

 The evidence is clear, the power to determine healthy ageing and slow the changes associated with ageing is in your hands – just 5 actions will change your life

  • Guard against excess visceral (belly) fat

  • Eat ‘clean’ food that conforms to the principles of an anti-inflammatory diet

  • Exercise

  • Manage Chronic Stress  

  • Get Quality Restful sleep


Visceral Fat and Metabolic Health – Why Busting belly fat is one of the keys to Anti-Ageing 

Your metabolic health is closely linked to telomere length & production of telomerase. Visceral (belly) fat and insulin levels are key determinants of metabolic health.

Belly fat that accumulates around abdominal organs is metabolically active – in other words this type of fat is not passive and substances secreted by abdominal fat cells are linked to inflammatory disease and acceleration of the ageing process. The amount of this kind of fat is the index of health to pay attention to. Your waist-to-hip ratio predicts greater risk of telomere shortening and is linked to a host of serious chronic disease risks.

An Anti-Inflammatory Diet is an Anti-Ageing Diet

Inflammation in the body plays a contributory role in many diseases of ageing, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis and possibly, even Alzheimer’s disease and has been shown to contribute to telomere shortening.

When we eat foods, like saturated fats (found in butter, coconut milk, whole milk) and trans fats (found in many frying fats and in some commercial baked goods), that ‘assault’ the body, they trigger an inflammatory response.

There is overwhelming scientific evidence that a low carbohydrate Mediterranean-style diet — one rich in vegetables, olive oil, fatty fish, omega 3 fish oil and some nuts & seeds is favourable to telomerase production and telomere health.

Exercise – The Wonder Drug of Anti-Ageing

Science shows that Exercise reduces oxidative stress and inflammation which are key contributors to ageing. Exercise is first & foremost about better health but it has the added advantage of keeping you biologically younger.

  • Prevents or better manages chronic disease related to inflammation and being over fat

  • Improves Cardiovascular Fitness

  • Has a positive effect on cholesterol ratio, and Increases insulin sensitivity

  • Builds muscle, improve muscle to fat ratio, reverses muscle

  • Boosts your metabolism BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)

  • Reduces level of stress hormones, stimulates production of body’s natural pain killers and mood elevators 

Control Stress – Living Younger

Having a good frame of mind is a key part of keeping your telomeres healthy and “living younger”.’ Studies have found that certain thought patterns (particularly those that cause stress) can shorten your telomeres. The three mindsets to steer clear of are cynical hostility, mistrust and pessimism, and negative mind wandering.

Sleep Yourself Young 

Several studies have shown that sleep is linked to cellular ageing. Sleep deprivation throws our hormones out, which means we end up producing higher levels of Cortisol (stress hormone), Insulin (blood-sugar hormone) and Ghrelin (the hormone that makes you hungry), all of which contribute to shorter telomeres. Sufficient sleep means you will feel less hungry (your body needs deep sleep to regulate your appetite) and less emotional and therefore maintain telomere length.

Hormone Levels – Fine Tune your Hormones and Biological Ageing 

Production of hormones such as DHEA, Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone all decrease as we age. There is limited evidence to suggest that HRT has an anti ageing effect but a wealth of data to show that HRT in both men and women can improve energy levels, mood, and feelings of wellbeing.

Blood and other relevant laboratory tests are required to ascertain hormone levels. Bio-Identical Hormones are specifically  compounded by a Compounding Pharmacist and can be  prescribed at the lowest effective dose to achieve improved energy levels, mood improvement etc. Commercial standardised HRT can also be used to this end.

Dr. Sandi and her team have put together a streamlined 7 step Anti-Ageing Plan that can have you feeling healthy & re-energised

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