About Us

Como Diagnostic is an integrative medicine practice with an established reputation for delivering effective, individually focused health care. Como Diagnostic is a centre of excellence for medically supervised weight loss, menopause management and anti-ageing solutions. Our team is at the forefront of contemporary medical practice. We integrate the rigour of modern medical knowledge with the latest, evidence-based complementary medicine. The team at Como Diagnostic shares a deep commitment to helping people achieve optimal health and well-being. 

In the 25+ years since its establishment Como Diagnostic has helped thousands of people improve their health status and as such it has garnered a reputation for the delivery of excellence in the fields of weight loss, menopause management & anti-ageing solutions.

Our Team

Our practice leaders, Dr Sandi Vinson Bromberger and Sim Flint bring many years of expertise and a deep knowledge of their respective fields to the practice.

Dr Sandi Vinson Bromberger 

(B.Medicine & B.Surgery)

is a highly experienced general practitioner who has dedicated her professional life to the specialist areas of medically supervised weight loss, menopause management, and anti-ageing solutions. She is a passionate advocate of good nutrition, and healthy lifestyle choices as well as the incorporation of specific weight loss medications when diet and & lifestyle alone are not successful.

Dr. Sandi has also practised extensively in the treatment and management of menopausal symptoms and has helped many thousands of women over a 25+ year period, thus establishing Como Diagnostic as one of the leading menopause centres in Melbourne.

Dr. Sandi embodies the principles she teaches – the life of healthy choices she prescribes for others is the one she leads herself. The transformative change she helps patients achieve is brought about by her deep understanding of the medical science that underpins her treatment and medical interventions, the authenticity of her message,  and her engaging manner.

Sim Flint 


our exercise and lifestyle mentor  has been coaching people to better health for more than 20 years. He is an expert in body strengthening techniques and has coached athletes at elite levels. In addition Sim teaches mindfulness, meditation and creative thinking.

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