Dr. Sandi Vinson Bromberger and the team at Como Diagnostic have left South Yarra after almost 30 years and have relocated to beautiful premises at 492 St. Kilda Road Melbourne .

Dr. Sandi is a highly experienced general practitioner who has dedicated her professional life to the specialist area of medically supervised weight loss & weight management. She is a passionate advocate of good nutrition, and healthy lifestyle choices and has helped many hundreds of patients attain & maintain their healthy weight goals.

Lose Wight Now – A Very Personalised Approach

img-DrSandiDr. Sandi offers a  range of dietary programs to suit all preferences including low carbohydrate or keto diets as well intermittent weight loss. We cater for vegetarians and vegans, those who have lactose, fructose intolerance of coeliac disease as well as other food allergies.  Dr. Sandi aims to work with you to find out what will suit your health as well as lifestyle preferences.

Dr. Sandi believes that the key to successful weight loss is hunger control – feeling full.The body can adjust to the new lower weight set point if hunger is well controlled, that is why our nutritional programs adhere to the principles of the anti-inflammatory diet ie. quality proteins, healthy fats which are important for satiety and lots of low carbohydrate vegetables.

Rapid Weight Loss

The Como Diagnostic Rapid Weight Loss Plan specifically aims for accelerated fat burning in response to your uniquely designed eating program, until you reach your healthy weight.

Intermittent or Stepped Weight Loss Plan

nutritionThe Como Diagnostic Stepped/Intermittent Weight Loss Plan is typically a month on a month off approach to weight loss that adopts a stepped approach to success. That is, an individual is required to lose a small amount of body weight and then maintain that weight loss for the following month, which is followed by another bout of weight loss and maintenance, and so on, until a realistic and sustainable weight loss is achieved.



Maintaining Weight Loss

Transitioning to lifelong sustainable healthy eating habits is the key  to maintaining weight loss.This phase is really crucial and will determine your future weight trajectory. At Como Diagnostic we give you support in all phases of your weight loss journey including coping with social challenges around food and easy hacks that will get you back on track when you have slipped up

Weight Loss Medications

If you have tried diet and exercise but haven’t been able to achieve significant weight loss then a prescription weight-loss drug might be an option for you.You should know, however, that prescription weight-loss drugs are used in addition to, not instead of diet and exercise and can be a useful adjunct to our weight loss programs.Non-Hormonal-Prescription-Medicine

Ask Dr. Sandi about Saxenda™and other weight loss medications that may be suitable.

At Como Diagnostic we understand the physiological nature of weight loss and can help you achieve & maintain your healthy goal weight.

Dr. Sandi & the team at Como Diagnostic would love to hear from you. Contact our friendly staff by phone T:03 9826 4300 or email us  E:reception@comodiagnostic.com