Science of Weight Control

How Weight is Controlled

Our weight is controlled by a special part of the brain called the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus’ main role is to keep the body in balance or equilibrium – it helps control blood sugar, blood pressure, body temperature and body weight.

What happens when we try to lose weight?

If you lose weight, the hypothalamus will do all it can to get your body back to its weight set point and defend that level of fatness.

Genes and Weight Control

So in the world of weight loss, does that mean our genes are stacked against us? NO! The genetic underpinnings of excess weight are influenced by dozens if not hundreds of genes.

What’s increasingly clear is that genetic factors identified so far only partly contribute to obesity risk-and that our genes are not our destiny.

Weight Control, Your Genes are not your destiny!

Energy In – Energy Out

What is the single most important contributor to controlling weight?

Answer: Create an Energy Deficit

  • Burn more energy (calories) than you consume and you will lose weight.
  • There’s no simpler way to put it – to lose weight you need to eat less (consume fewer calories).

  • While this is a simplistic take on weight loss it holds true in a large proportion of cases

The Battle of the Hunger Hormones

Why it’s hard to keep the weight off?

When you lose weight the hypothalamus does all that it can to defend your weight ‘set point’ and you can feel hungrier and are less satisfied after you have eaten. In other words it is physiologically difficult to maintain weight loss. If you are going to be successful in the long term then it is important to overcome the body’s natural tendency to protect against weight loss.


Keeping weight off

Hunger control is the key. The key to maintaining weight loss is feeling full. The body can adjust to the new lower weight set point if hunger is well controlled.

At Como Diagnostic we understand the physiological nature of weight loss and can help you maintain that hard won success.


Dr. Sandi and her team of Medical Nutritionists have put together

  • Dietary programs that help suppress hunger
  • Medications that assist with weight loss and weight maintenance
  • Lifestyle program to help you overcome and lifestyle barriers to weight loss

Our goal is not just to help you lose the weight, but to help you Keep it off for Life!

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