If you experience bloating after eating, intermittent constipation, abdominal discomfort & pain associated with aching joints and fatigue a Medical Detoxification Program might be the answer for you.

People either swoon or cringe when they hear the word “detox.” Those who stand behind it claim it gets rid of their symptoms—everything from brain fog to joint pain and fatigue—while others strongly assert there is no need to detox, and it is just marketing hype. Why such polarised views?

“Detox” used to mean many things, which may be part of the reason for the discrepancy. To some, it might simply be drinking lemon juice in water, sitting in a sauna, or maybe doing a juice fast. However, detoxification has a specific definition: it is the process of reducing the body’s toxic load by lessening exposure to harmful chemicals we are taking in, while simultaneously implementing nutrition and lifestyle strategies to promote efficient elimination of toxins from the body.

The first step of a Medical Detoxification Program can be done, in part, by lessening the immune system load by removing reactive foods from the diet. The gold standard for this removal is the aptly named “elimination diet”, which is a simplified list of foods to eat and foods to exclude as part of a detox program.alexandra-andersson-424642-unsplash

Typically, common allergenic foods and beverages containing corn, soy, wheat/gluten, eggs, dairy, shellfish, and peanuts are omitted from the daily diet in conjunction with caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and red meat for 10 to 28 days, depending on the duration of the program. In scientific literature, using an elimination diet in various formats has historically been used to address various conditions with differing levels of success.

Metagenics Detox 90A Detoxification Program can act as a ‘reset’ – improving microbial diversity, digestive function and, as a result, reduce the gut-derived inflammation which may cause other systemic problems.

The introduction of a diet plan which focuses on whole, unprocessed foods and specific nutritional  supplements while undergoing the elimination phase of the program is aimed at supporting the 5 functional layers of the digestive system, namely: enzymes, bacteria, epithelial barrier, healthy immune and enteric nervous system function.

The therapeutic elements of this program, the elimination diet and specific diet and supplementation, stimulate enzymatic production, regulate pH and improve gastric motility (using bitter herbs), restore barrier integrity (via glutamine, zinc and liquorice) and restore microbiome health via prebiotic  and probiotic inclusion which encourages a return to optimal gut microbiome composition and function following disruption. Herbal Laxatives can also  facilitate more efficient waste elimination.

At Como Diagnostic we have found that a detoxification program can indeed get things ‘moving’, many patients reporting to us a vast improvement in  frequency & bulk of waste elimination as well as marked reduction or cessation of abdominal pain and bloating following eating with a concomitant feeling of improved health.

Find out how we can provide you with a personalised detoxification protocol that is safe & effective and which enables you to achieve the best possible health outcome.

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This blog is general in nature only and should not be relied upon as medical advice. For further information please contact our clinic or your own medical practitioner before commencing any diet or exercise regimen.