After many months of work, all of us at Como Diagnostic are excited to share with you our new website – the start of a new chapter!

The healthcare profession is growing and evolving faster than ever, and we at Como Diagnostic pride ourselves on being at the forefront of integrative medicine practice.

That’s why you’ll find not just a new design, but an updated overview of our three pillars of health and wellness practice (read more below), team profiles, blog and breaking news page where we’ll be publishing educational content and the latest news related to health, nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, medicine and more.

At Como Diagnostic, we pride ourselves on being tuned in to the latest research and developments in Integrative Medicine and supplementation on a daily basis, and we want to share this all with you openly and transparently to ensure you’re best informed and positioned to pursue your health goals in the process.

With accelerations in technology and communications we now have an unprecedented volume of information at our fingertips at unprecedented speed – including lifestyle and medical information. While it’s tempting to consult ‘Dr. Google’, we want this new site to be your go-to resource for medical news, featuring a reliable, unbiased, trusted archive of information for you to engage with.

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It’s important to note that while our website may have changed, our team, service and approach to helping you achieve optimal health and wellness hasn’t.

For those new to Como Diagnostic – welcome! For our existing clients – we extend a huge thank you for your support and look forward to working with you all in your journeys towards optimal health.

We hope you enjoy engaging with the new site and welcome any feedback you have via our contact form or next time you visit us at the clinic.

Of course, it’s sometimes good to look back before moving forward – so for those of you new to Como Diagnostic, we’ve included below an overview of our 27-year history and the three pillars that define our unique approach to health and wellness.

The Como Diagnostic Team

Como Diagnostic – The Beginning

Sim Flint established Como Diagnostic in 1989 as the first clinic in Australia to use DEXA technology for the detection and diagnosis of osteoporosis. He pioneered patient education programs and has continued to use education and knowledge sharing as a way to empower clients as they make genuine, long-lasting and positive changes to their health. Sim’s expertise combines master’s level qualifications in science and biochemistry with in-depth knowledge of nutrition, exercise physiology and personal mentoring.

Dr. Sandi Vinson Bromberger joined Como Diagnostic in 1995. It was during her medical degree (which she completed at Monash University, graduating with first class honours) that Dr. Sandi developed her deep interest in nutritional medicine, lifestyle education and women’s health. She has been instrumental in developing a personalised integrative medical approach to nutrition, lifestyle and hormone diagnostics and treatment programs that consistently deliver holistic quality care and outcomes.

Ms. Dominique Puopolo our Medical Nutritionist who has a degree in Medical Nutrition recently joined the staff at Como Diagnostic and assists Dr. Sandi in formulating nutritional programs.

Mrs. Anne Stuart (Member of the Institute of Radiology) our wonderful Practice Administrator of more than 20 years standing.

Transformative Change

Helping people achieve optimal health by natural means with minimal conventional medical intervention is part of our deeply held conviction that empowering people to take responsibility for the food they put in their mouths, their daily routine of exercise and lifestyle choices is the path to enduring habitual change and health transformation.

We are an Integrative Medicine Practice with an established reputation for delivering effective, individually focused health care.

Our team is at the forefront of contemporary medical practice integrating the rigor of modern medical knowledge with the latest evidence-based complementary medicine, and shares a deep commitment to helping people achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Three Pillars

Our unique approach to health and wellness is based on three fundamental pillars:

Nutrition as Medicine – inspiring people to make the necessary changes to the type and quantity of food intake in order to stabilise blood sugar levels, stop cravings, regain vitality, improve lean muscle to fat ratio, lose weight, enhance gut health and immune system functions and other associated health benefits.

Lifestyle and Exercise – where appropriate, we work to reduce our clients’ reliance on medication by focusing on the right exercise regimen, sleep, mindfulness and overall efficiency and balance in the context of fast paced modern life.

Hormone Diagnostics and Management evaluation of hormone status, education regarding hormone treatment options and management of hormonal status with HRT when appropriate for menopause, PMT, metabolic and other hormone-related imbalances in both men and women.