Hormonal changes that have in the past devastated some women during the menopausal phase can now be accurately diagnosed and better managed. Weight gain, hot flushes and lethargy typical of this phase do not have to be tolerated. Men can also experience diminished vibrancy as they age which can in part be attributed to a drop off in hormone levels.

Dr Sandi has devoted a large part of her medical practice to the diagnosis and treatment of hormone related changes in men and women.

Diagnostic testing may involve one or more of the following: blood, urine or saliva analysis. These analyses are carried out at specialised, independent pathology laboratories. Based on the findings of these tests and taking into account relevant medical and clinical history  Dr Sandi offers different treatment options such as synthetic or bio-identical hormone treatment in the forms of troches, pills, gels or creams.

Key elements of a Como Diagnostic HRT program include:

  • Advice on the risks and benefits associated with using HRT
  • Difference between conventional HRT and Bio-Identical HRT
  • Appropriate dosage of HRT
  • Possible combinations of HRT eg oestrogen, progesterone, DHEA
  • HRT for men.

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